About me

An algebraic topologist by training, my main focus is to develop and apply new topological approaches to study complex systems. In particular, I work on applying these tools to biological networks.

I am currently a Research Scientist at Indiana University Network Science Institute (IUNI) in Bloomington(IN). I work on mathematical modelling for brain networks in close collaboration with Olaf Sporns and his team. I am partially founded by the IMAGENE project to develop models for the joint analysis of genomics and neuroimaging data.

I obtained my Ph.D in Applied Mathematics at Politecnico di Torino with a dissertation titled: “Simplicial Data Analysis: theory, practice, and algorithms”. During my PhD I worked at I.S.I. Foundation in Torino, where I was a part of the research group on “Mathematics and the foundation of complex systems”.

Here are some of the projects I am focusing on right now:

  • Developing new technique for joint analysis of genomics and neuroimaging data for transitional clinical research, joint work with Liana G. Apostolova, MD (part of the IMAGENE project);
  • Analysing dMRI lifespan data, joint work with Olaf Sporns, Joshua Faskowitz @ Indiana University
  • Developing a stochastic sampler for Directed Simplicial Complexes;
  • Studying Mathematical models of community structures in relation to simplicial complexes;
  • Creating a Python module for a high dimensional Mapper Algorithm;
  • Topological Data Analysis on Health data (rna transcriptomes, quantitative semantic data, brain networks from fMRI, EEG, DTI).