About me

An algebraic topologist by training, my main focus is to develop and apply new topological approaches to study complex systems. In particular, I work on applying these tools to biological networks.

I am currently a Research Scientist at Indiana University Network Science Institute (IUNI) in Bloomington(IN). I work on mathematical modelling for brain networks in close collaboration with Olaf Sporns and his team. I am partially founded by the IMAGENE project to develop models for the joint analysis of genomics and neuroimaging data.

As of March 2017 I am a member of the Advisory board of the young researchers of the Complex Systems Society. Together with the other members of the board, we have organized many initiatives aimed at students and young researchers.

I obtained my Ph.D in Applied Mathematics at Politecnico di Torino with a dissertation titled: “Simplicial Data Analysis: theory, practice, and algorithms”. During my PhD I worked at I.S.I. Foundation in Torino, where I was a part of the research group on “Mathematics and the foundation of complex systems”.

Here are some of the projects I am focusing on right now:

  • Developing new technique for joint analysis of genomics and neuroimaging data for transitional clinical research, joint work with Liana G. Apostolova, MD (part of the IMAGENE project);
  • Analysing dMRI lifespan data, joint work with Olaf Sporns, Joshua Faskowitz @ Indiana University
  • Developing a stochastic sampler for Directed Simplicial Complexes;
  • Studying Mathematical models of community structures in relation to simplicial complexes;
  • Creating a Python module for a high dimensional Mapper Algorithm;
  • Topological Data Analysis on Health data (rna transcriptomes, quantitative semantic data, brain networks from fMRI, EEG, DTI).